What information is required for Strobe to provide my quote?

We would require just a few bits of information to produce your quote, these being: Date of the event, location of event, amount of time you wish us to play and any special requirements you have (first dance, early get in, late get out).

What time will the band arrive?

More often than not we'll arrive and set up from 6pm onwards however we aim to be accommodating to the arrangements of your event. It usually takes us 90 minutes to set up and sound check. If possible, we do prefer to set up and get sound checked before guests arrive, or with enough space to allow setting up.. 

Do you take bookings anywhere in the UK?

We will certainly take bookings anywhere in the UK, but travel and expenses will be included in the quote we give you. Our basic quote includes travel of up to an hour from current location, which is Horsham, West Sussex.

What if a band member cant do the event?

We occasionally have this happen where a band member is ill or away. We use highly skilled dep musicians when this happens, making sure we can still play at your event. If this is the case we will make sure you are aware of the line up change when enquiring about booking your booking. 

How long will the band play for?

Our most frequent bookings tend to be 2x 60 minute sets. We're happy to work with what's best for you, but your quote will vary on set times so please be sure to say how long you wish us to play for.

How long are intervals?

Intervals would typically be between 15 and 30 minutes long. Every event is different, some events we have had a 2 hour break and some a 5 minute one. So it varies quite a lot! 

What time should the band start playing?

This is completely up to you and your timings on the day. We normally aim to start playing around 9pm, and finish between 11pm and 12pm. 

Does the band provide music between and before sets?

Yes, we are happy to provide music via an iPod between sets. We have a a few playlists 'ready to go' but If you have particular songs in mind, you're also welcome to create your own playlists which can be played through our PA system. We can provide music after the band finishes, beyond 12pm there will be a charge. Should you want a DJ as well, please let us know and we can factor that in to our quote. 

Will the band require refreshments?

We do ask that the band is provided with soft drinks throughout our time at the venue. We also ask that food for 6 members of the band could be provided. This doesn't have to be to the same standard as your guests meal, just something before we play to keep energy levels up. We often leave for the gig mid-afternoon and won't arrive home unitl the early hours so some hot food is always highly appreciated.

Can I come and watch the band play live before I book?

We do understand that it's nice to watch the band live before you book. We play public gigs which can be found on our dates page on the website, these a few and far between as we are often out providing for client such as yourself! 

Does the band provide their own PA system/lighting equipment?

Yes, we are completely self-contained so you don't need to worry about a thing. We use a digital mixing desk with pro range speakers. We also have access to larger systems for events over 500 people. We have a more than sufficient lighting rig, suitable for all events. 

How much space do we need?

We are quite accommodating when it comes to space and can fit into most spaces that are given to us. But if we had the choice we would require at least 6 metre across by 4 metres deep.

How much power do the band require?

If you are having a party or wedding outside or in a marquee, we can run of 16a power (please let us know if thats is the case). If we are running from 13a power, we will require at least 3 separate sockets. 

Is the band equipment PAT tested and do you carry adequate public liability insurance (PLI)?

Yes. If the venue requires a certificate, please contact us and we'll forward you a copy.

How do I confirm a booking?

If you've requested a quote and would like to go ahead with the booking, we will email you a booking confirmation form which doubles up as the contract. It includes full terms and conditions. This will then need to be signed and returned to confirm the booking. A minimum deposit of £100 will be required, this is payable by bank transfer (details on booking form). An invoice with payment details will be included with the contract. We are not VAT registered. 

How do I pay you the balance after you have performed?

We accept cash or BACS payments. BACS payments must have been received at least the day before the gig otherwise we will accept cash on the night. This is all made clear in our terms of agreement. If you would like to settle the balance sooner, this is no problem. Just let us know and we can make that possible.